Ivrit Misaviv La'Olam

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Ivrit Misaviv La'Olam is a modern Hebrew language curriculum for ages 3-7. Housed on Jigzi, IML is a Blended Learning Series that is continuously being added to.  It has printable resources and is Ivrit b'Ivrit.

Ivrit Misaviv La'Olam has been created in a joint partnership with UNITED, Ministry of Diaspora Affairs and Jewish Interactive.

Developed as a curriculum for children ages 3-7, Ivrit Misaviv La’Olam is about learning Hebrew in a fun, interactive and innovative way.

עברית מסביב לעולם– תוכנית חדשה, דינמית ואינטראקטיבית
ללומדים צעירים (בני 7-3), המתחילים ללמוד עברית

Children get to know Podi the hedgehog and learn how to greet each other, about holidays and more.  The IML games on Jigzi are so much fun to play and only part of this blended curriculum.

Follow this link to the Jewish Interactive website to download a teachers guide, puppets, flashcards and activities.



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  • Congregational Learning
  • Day Schools and Yeshivas
  • Early Childhood
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