Ji Alef-Bet Reading Program



Ji Alef-Bet is a wonderful blended learning tool that is perfect for asynchronous online or in-person learning.

Ji Alef-Bet starts off by introducing Hebrew letters, vowels and the building blocks of reading by using correlating Hebrew vocabulary. Each letter is introduced as a character with an interactive video and song. Each game is structured around a learning ark that includes video, decoding, music, games, and reading.

Use Ji Alef-Bet as a guide for decoding, reading and fluency as well as for the introduction and recurring use of Hebrew vocabulary.

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Ji Alef-Bet is comprehensive and includes a downloadable Educator's Guide, Dictionary, Coloring Pages and Flash Cards, Alef-Bet printable poster and much more! 

Ji Alef-Bet Stage 1 is ideal for grades K-2

Ji Alef-Bet Stage 2 is idea for grades 1-3 and is also available in Ivrit b'Ivrit.

Ji Alef-Bet Stage 2a is for revision on vowels and symbols. 

Ji Alef-Bet Stage 3 practices prefixes and suffixes. 

Ji Alef-Bet Mish-Mash Letters acknowledges that some Hebrew letter are very similar to each other and gives students tools to differentiate between them.

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