Israel's Electoral System - Background and Explanations

photo by Raphael Nir on Unsplash

A collection of short written pieces and videos to help you brush up your own knowledge and understanding of Israel's electoral system and process, and the functions of the Knesset.

Israeli Electoral System How it Developed and How it Works

  • Easy to read article sharing the background of the Israeli Knesset and system of elections.

Celebrating Democracy- Israel's Election Process

  • A 3- minute YouTube video explaining the overall system of Israeli elections.

Israeli Elections 3.0

  • Background of the electoral system, outline of the main issues, discussion questions and tips for educators.

The Knesset

  • The Knesset Research and Information Center (RIC) site provides current and factual information on topics related to the Knesset ranging from background of Israel's election process, past and present MK's (Members of Knesset), lobbies, work of the Knesset and daily agendas.



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