Israeli Commercials for Shavuot

Regardless of Hebrew level, you will love these commercials. The vibrant visuals offer a window into the culture of celebrating Shavuot in Israel. Enjoy!

Explore the Festival of Shavuot and its fascinating symmetry of giving and receiving. The terminology of matan (מתן, “presenting”) Torah as opposed to kabalat (קבלת, “receiving”) Torah illustrates this point beautifully. Shavuot celebrates the giving of the “first fruits,” where during Temple times, fruits were presented to the High Priest.

Additionally, Shavuot is especially enjoyed on kibbutzim and agricultural communities throughout Israel where they celebrate their successes of the year—wheat, fruit, and, notably, dairy! This is why it's common to make and share cheesecakes, blintzes, and other dairy treats with family and friends. What will you be giving and receiving this year?



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