Israel and National Days Resources

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A set of interactive games and learning units from Jewish Interactive.

Looking for fun, interactive content to teach or learn about Israel's National Days - Jigzi has it all! 
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Yom Haatzmaut, Yom Hazikaron, & Yom Yerushalayim games, lessons, courses & resources. 
Check out some of our favorite courses: 

Yom Ha'atzmaut Games - 5 Units

Yom Hazikaron Games - 3 Units

Yom Yerushalayim Games - 9 Units

Children's Tales of Jerusalem - 11 Units

Israel - Small Country, Big Impact Games - 10 Units (Hebrew)

Olam Shalem: My Jerusalem - 4 Units



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  • Congregational Learning
  • Day Schools and Yeshivas
  • Early Childhood
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