Inside Out Resources

Inside Out Resources

Feeling big feelings and growing emotionally are essential parts of the journey towards becoming a young, Jewish adult. While camp, and other informal educational settings may be an ideal framework in which to cultivate emotional intelligence, it is all of our jobs to help nurture our youth through experiences that will help them grow physically, mentally, spiritually, and emotionally. The purpose of this project is to help our youth learn to identify, understand, and express their feelings in order to make room for lasting friendships and core memories. FJC’s toolbox includes imaginative, printable posters that explore the links among feelings and between Jewish wisdom and basic emotions. 

Posters and lesson plans for camps, children, and their families to explore how their emotional growth and feelings play into creating everlasting memories and relationships at camp. These tools can be used in the moment, as a regular check-in, or even as a pre-Shabbat activity to help people move into a sacred time with full awareness.



  • After School and Beyond
  • Camp
  • Family Engagement
  • Teen Engagement
  • Day Schools and Yeshivas