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Explore the importance of caring for others by playing along to an episode about tzedakah. Prepare now for the podcast episode, coming September 19th, 2022!


Click here to access the Educator Guide, where you can find ideas and links for the digital and printable activities below: 

Listen and Learn: 

  • An interactive version of the podcast's games

Play and Learn: 

  • Wordsearch Puzzles
  • Tzedakah in Action: Matching Game
  • Tzedakah in Action: Scenarios Game
  • Tzedakah in Action: Exploring Maimonides Tzedakah Ladder

Go and Learn:

  • Thematic book recommendations
  • Activity Prompts: 
    • Record your own Tzedakah Action Plan, based on the podcast's Wisdom of the Crowds section
    • Create a class-wide Tzedakah Superstars campaign

The Podcast and the Educator Guide are also available by clicking on "View Resources" below.

Tips for using a podcast in your classroom:

  • Listen to the podcast in advance. 
  • Make sure to have speakers connected to your computer, phone or tablet.
  • Download the podcast to your device (using itunes, spotify or another app) to avoid internet connection issues.
  • Arrange for computers/tablets for playing the digital games.

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