Hagaddah Expansions for LGBTQ+ Inclusion

Consider two new ways to include LGBTQ+ community members in class Seder, community Seder or in Passover Teaching. 


Four Cups of Liberation: 

Throughout the course of the Seder, we drink four cups of wine or grape juice, marking our progress through the night. According to one popular interpretation, these four cups allude to the story in which the Divine speaks to Moses and promises to redeem the Hebrew people from enslavement (Exodus 6:6-7). 

As we navigate through the four cups, we will use each one as a dual invitation: an opportunity to reflect on one way oppression shows up in the world as well as on one way we can bring about liberation.


Dayeinu – Being LGBTQ and Enough:

As Jews, we are obligated to treat all people with humility and respect, regardless of differences. At a time when LGBTQ+ rights remain under attack, we must continue the work for full equality and dignity in all spaces. At the same time, we must also honor and celebrate each individual win, no matter how small or incomplete, that has gotten us here. Dayeinu reminds us to celebrate every step of the way.

Just as with the original dayeinu, we say dayeinu not because we’re satisfied with where we are, but because we and our communities and our ancestors worked and fought to bring us forward, and every advance to liberation deserves celebration.




  • After School and Beyond
  • Congregational Learning
  • Teen Engagement