Welcome to Devash, Hadar's brand new weekly parashah magazine that makes learning Torah sweet. By engaging directly with texts and taking kids seriously as Jews, Devash helps children and grownups discover new ideas, values, and sweet morsels in the weekly Torah portion. Devash is designed for kids ages 7 and up to read independently, or together with families and teachers.

This is the Devash collection for the Book of Deuteronomy.

Moshe begins his recap of the last 40 years in the desert.

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What's the difference between observing and remembering Shabbat? Can we add to rules from the Torah? And why do we put a mezuzah on our doors?

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What does it mean to have fear or awe of God? How is that connected to rain? And how do we thank God for sustaining us with food?

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How are mitzvot connected to blessings? Can you add to mitzvot? And what makes our festivals so happy?

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Why do we need leaders? And what is the difference between mitzvot from the Torah and mitzvot from the Rabbis?

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What do you with a lost animal? How is a bird's nest a lesson of empathy? And what are the crowns on some letters in the Torah?

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What are bikkurim and how did we bring them to the Temple? What is the right attitude to have while doing mitzvot?

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What does teshuvah (repentance) mean for us and our behavior toward God? What does the brit (covenant) entail?

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We meet Joshua, Moshe's successor, and God warns what happens if people disobey commandments.

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What is the power of metaphor in our stories? Why should we consult our ancestors for our traditions?

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Moshe blesses each tribe, and we review the amazing learning we've done over this last year!

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