Better Together Informational Webinar for Grants

May 2, 2023

Join the Better Together movement! 

Who said senior citizens and teens/tweens have nothing in common? Help teens in your community learn from the wisdom of elders, and give senior citizens a chance to forge new connections. Visit the Better Together Grants page to apply.

Sign up for this informational webinar on Tuesday, May 2 from 1-2 pm ET.

This is a national grant. If you are a teen-facing organization in the United States, and you meet all other listed requirements, you are eligible to apply. 

The following middle school, high school, and college programs are eligible to apply:

  • Jewish day schools

  • Congregational school programs

  • Hebrew high school programs

  • Youth group programs

  • JCCs

  • College programs, e.g. Hillel, JLIC, Chabad on Campus

For more information and questions please contact

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  • After School and Beyond
  • Congregational Learning
  • Day Schools and Yeshivas
  • Family Engagement
  • Teen Engagement