Arab Citizens & Jewish-Arab Relations in Israel: Impact of 10.7.2023


This resource is a curated library documenting stories and voices pertaining to Arab citizens and Jewish-Arab relations following October 7. Each source brings learners closer to the lived experiences of people on the ground, draws attention to lesser explored topics, and raises meaningful themes and questions. 

These sources were selected to display diverse experiences and perspectives pertaining to Arab citizens. As a minority community with deep ties to all parties of the conflict, Arab citizens inherently live with complexity. Their stories can help learners look beyond the black and white paradigms that dominate social media. As people move from their initial grief and shock to processing what happens next, Jewish-Arab relations in Israel is a key challenge and opportunity. It also provides a concrete entry point for learners to explore and engage. 

The Inter-Agency Task Force on Israeli Arab Issues (IATF) was created by a coalition of major American Jewish organizations to serve as a non-partisan educational resource on Arab citizens and Jewish-Arab relations in Israel. We support educators by providing educational programs, connections to speakers and site visits, and professional training pertaining to these issues.  

IATF sends a Weekly Media Update with highlights related to Israel’s Arab citizens and Jewish-Arab relations, a monthly newsletter and event invitations. Subscribe here to get these emails. 

If you need support integrating these stories into your work or would like to connect to additional resources or speakers on these topics, feel free to contact Erica Shaps, IATF’s Associate Director, U.S., at



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