Arab Citizens and Jewish-Arab Relations in Israel: Infographic Resource


The five-page infographic fact sheet provides useful terminology, snapshots of the daily lives of Arab citizens of Israel in an accessible format. It includes brief overviews of key terms, introduction to the complexity of identity, geography, Jewish-Arab relations, socioeconomic status, education and political parties. Reflection questions to support learning are integrated throughout the resource. 

Refer to the Source Sheet Companion for a list of links used to compile this resource, as well as a selection of additional resources for further learning. 

The Inter-Agency Task Force on Israeli Arab Issues (IATF) was created by a coalition of major American Jewish organizations to serve as a non-partisan educational resource on Arab citizens and Jewish-Arab relations in Israel. We support educators by providing educational programs, connections to speakers and site visits, and professional training pertaining to these issues.  

The infographic resource and accompanying source sheet were created in collaboration with The iCenter. 

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If you need support integrating these stories into your work or would like to connect to additional resources or speakers on these topics, feel free to contact Erica Shaps, IATF’s Associate Director, U.S., at  



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