Anne Frank House Youtube Channel


The Anne Frank House has created an initiative to bring Anne Frank's story to life through primary source photographs narrated with biographical information as well as excerpts from Anne Frank's Diary. Students visually explore Anne Frank's story as well as the cultural, historical, and political context of her life in the Secret Annex.

Videos are split into short 2-6 minute clips, perfect for sharing in class as a basis for discussion and multimedia differentiation.

The Anne Frank House Youtube channel has 7 unique playlists, each with several videos:

  • Anne Frank Collection
  • Anne and I
  • Raising Awareness
  • Reflections on Anne Frank
  • All About Anne Frank
  • The Secret Annex
  • Nederlands | Anne Frank Huis
  • Season 2: After the Arrest



  • After School and Beyond
  • Congregational Learning
  • Day Schools and Yeshivas
  • Teen Engagement
  • Camp