Adapting Podcast: The Ongoing Transformation of Jewish Day Schools


Jewish day schools continue to be successful as they evolve with the changing needs of today’s families. Sharon Freundel, Managing Director of The Jewish Education Innovation Challenge (JEIC) suggests that by doubling down on their strengths, acknowledging their challenges, and embracing the opportunity to transform, sometimes radically their approach, that Jewish day schools will continue to evolve and excel into the future. With 40 years of experience in the field of Jewish day school education, observing schools that have been wildly successful, and those that have not, Sharon has discovered that the key ingredient to long-term success is innovation.

Headshot of Sharon Freundel

Sharon shares her passion for the immersive nature of day schools, identifies the key areas where innovation is most needed, and discusses how to test new models and ideas while also delivering a quality educational experience. David and Sharon even tackle the subject of God and prayer in today's Jewish day schools, and why connecting learners to God at all stages is so essential.



  • Day Schools and Yeshivas