Adapting Podcast: A Tap on the Shoulder - From Students to Educators

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According to the latest CASJE study, there are more than 14,000 Jewish Day School educators in the U.S. How would the future of the Jewish people change if every one of these educators made it a priority to tap students on the proverbial shoulder who they identify as becoming part of the next generation of Jewish educators? Listen on Apple Podcasts or Spotify!

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Joining David Bryfman on Adapting this week is Rabbi Marc Wolf of Prizmah, who addresses the pipeline challenge or decline in Jewish educators specifically through a lens of Jewish Day Schools in North America. 

Rabbi Wolf's "tap on the shoulder" method is an innovative way to inspire learners to see themselves as Jewish leaders – it's direct, relationship-based, and has the power to transfer that spark of learning from teacher to student. Listen to this week's episode of Adapting to find out how Jewish educators can change the possible trajectory of Jewish education through one simple yet impactful action.



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