Adapting: Jewish Day Schools At A Crossroads

The Jewish Education Project
July 29, 2020

With the school year quickly approaching, and coronavirus cases still surging in parts of the country, how are Jewish day schools preparing for what will be a school year like no other? What are the short and long term economic impacts of COVID-19? What are the opportunities and challenges provided by blended learning in Jewish day schools? 

David Bryfman discusses these questions and more with Paul Bernstein, CEO of Prizmah, and Amanda Pogany, Head of School of Luria Academy of Brooklyn. 

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Paul Bernstein

Paul Bernstein is Prizmah's Chief Executive Officer. Prior to joining Prizmah, Paul served as CEO of The Pershing Square Foundation and as the Global Managing Director of Absolute Return for Kids (ARK), a nonprofit focused on global health, education, and child protection.






Amanda Pogany

Amanda Pogany is the Head of School at Luria Academy of Brooklyn.  She has worked in the field of Jewish education for nearly two decades as a teacher, consultant, mentor and coach.  Amanda is a recipient of the 2020 Covenant Award.












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