The 12 Steps of Atonement Anonymous


The High Holidays are an incredible time for growth. However, what is intended to be a period of introspection and transformation can be easily become corrupted for people in need of structure, where uninhibited introspection can lead to negative consequences on the practitioner's mental health. This kind of repentance can, in a way, be compared to recovery, in the way structure is needed to do it effectively and healthily. Thankfully, the popularized Twelve Steps of Alcoholics Anonymous connect beautifully with the holiday of Yom Kippur. On Yom Kippur we focus on accountability, forgiveness, and reaching a new level of being, themes that are a major part of recovery. Each of the Twelve Steps has a mirror in the practices and beliefs that make up the Yom Kippur experience, and each of the steps and traditions can be used to help one grow into their best selves.

This resource includes text, discussion, and exercises to practice self-growth and reflection.



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