Who's Behind That Mask? Text Study and Art Activity

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In this activity students will:

  • Look at characters in the Megillah who "dress up" and try to figure out why they are wearing the specific clothes and how they might feel about it.
  • Think about how they feel about dressing up or wearing masks - especially during this year when they have been wearing masks every day.
  • Draw pictures of themselves wearing masks while also showing who they are underneath.

For a version of the lesson written for students in high school and up, see Masks that Conceal; Masks that Reveal - A Text Study and Mask-Making Activity.

Essential Questions 

  • How are masks or dressing up used in the Megillah? 
  • In what ways do masks hide parts of ourselves? 
  • How do they also show who we really are? 

Learning Objectives 

  • Students will be able to cite examples of people hiding and revealing in the Megillah.
  • Students will be able to portray their real selves behind their masks. 



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