Facilitator: Rabbi David Levy
Format: Virtual
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About this Network:

The WELL is a four month fellowship program designed to connect Jewish educators with support for their practice. Through a robust combination of educational training sessions and professional coaching The WELL will advance participants’ development as teachers, and support their meaningful impact in the communities they serve.

Structure & Facilitators: 

  • Synchronous training sessions: Six 90-minute live webinars led by the fields’ top teachers and leaders.
  • Group coaching sessions: Some communities may include their own coaching and reflection sessions between webinars.


Six program dates, 90 minutes each: Sundays 7:00-8:30PM EST.

Module 1: Creating Meaningful Community through Teaching and Learning - SESL & DEIB

  1. Social, Emotional, and Spiritual Learning – Nancy Parkes, October 15
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    3. AI Zoom summary
  2. Diversity, Equity, Inclusion & Belonging – Eliana Rubin, The Jewish Education Project, October 22
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    4. Jamboard activity

Module 2: Teaching and Learning for All: Lesson Planning & Neurodivergence

  1. Lesson Planning – Ellen Rank, November 5
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  2. Meeting the Needs of all Learners – Jenna Swartzberg Sommer, November 12
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Module 3: Impact of Teaching and Learning: Creative Assessment & Use of Self in the Classroom

  1. Creative Assessment – Batsheva Frankel, January 28
  2. Who am I as a Jewish Educator – Jenni Mangel, Jewish LearningWorks, February 4

About the Facilitator:

Rabbi David Levy
Rabbi David Levy

My route to becoming a Rabbi was certainly not a straight line! My first step was on Masada at 5:30 am on my 2001 Birthright Israel trip. As I watched the sun rise out of the Dead Sea, I felt connected to the Jewish people in a way I never had before. That moment catalyzed a trajectory that culminated three years later in a call to HUC-JIR from my cubicle at GE. In between those two moments, yes I got my Bachelors degree in Information Systems, but more importantly I fell in love with the wisdom of the Jewish tradition, and helping individual Jews and Jewish communities thrive. That passion has only grown over these past twenty years as I continue to invest in my own learning and growth, and create opportunities for communities and individuals to do the same. I live in Westchester, NY with my wife Kate, our three sons, Benji, Micah, and Ezra and our dog Gizmo.


Sundays, 7:00-8:30 PM ET
October 15, October 22, November 5, November 12, January 28, February 4
Rabbi David Levy
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