Preparing to Meet a Holocaust Survivor


Guide and reflection worksheet to help prepare for meeting a Holocaust survivor.

With a partner, write down any questions, worries, and thoughts you have about meeting a survivor.

Zachor: In the Jewish tradition, there is a command to learn about the past, it is called Zachor. Zachor is not just about memory, it is also about positive action to make the world a better place.

The Holocaust survivors in our community volunteer their time to share their personal histories. They are first hand witnesses to this history. By listening to them with care, respect and compassion, you share the responsibility of collective memory. It is a generous act.

They truly welcome your questions, sometimes even difficult or personal questions. They will let you know if it is something they do not want to talk about.

They are here to speak with you because they understand the value of their personal stories. Through listening, sharing, and learning, we can, together commit to build a more humane, dignified, and respectful world.




  • Teen Engagement