In Person: Problem Solving (Math)

July 19, 2023

This workshop is part of our longstanding math series and is a great opportunity to meet and talk with other teachers of mathematics!

This workshop seeks answers to two key questions: What do good problem solvers think about? How can we teach students to be better problem solvers? In this workshop, participants will:

  • Break down the process of problem-solving into a protocol of questions
  • Help students gradually develop independence as problem solvers
  • Become more conscious of a wider range of problem-solving strategies.
  • Detect and address student errors using purposeful questions and evidence of their thinking
  • All participants will receive color problem-solving posters!

Other Details:

  • For grades 3-12 in math; when you sign up, please indicate the grades you teach so that the experience can be differentiated for different levels.
  • CTLE credits are available upon request.
  • Catered lunch will be provided — a delicious treat for everyone!
  • No one will be turned down due to cost. If you have any issues making the full payment or have general questions, please email
  • For educators working in NYC Day Schools/ Yeshivot only.

COVID Policy: In accordance with the recommendations from the CDC,, the NYC Department of Education, and the protocols of our site host, there are no vaccination requirements to attend this event. We ask that participants take precautions in the event; if you are feeling sick on the day of this event, please do not attend. If you feel most comfortable wearing a mask to this event, we encourage you to do so. Please note this policy is subject to change based upon guidance from the Department of Education, New York City, New York State, and Federal guidelines.

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About the presenter: 

Dennis Desormier Headshot

Dennis Desormier meets thousands of teachers each year in his workshops and school visits. His professional experience combines years of classroom teaching with curriculum and instructional design experience with several publishers and school districts. However, his greatest love in the education field is professional development for teachers, school leaders, and district leaders in the areas of mathematics and assessment. He has written or co-written most of the mathematics and assessment workshops currently presented by Catapult staff around the country as well as some of the STEAM workshops. He has a passion for balancing rigorous teaching and learning with a lighthearted environment.