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Dr. Samantha Vinokor-Meinrath

For the second episode of Our Jewish Futures, Dr. Samantha Vinokor-Meinrath speaks with Liz Kleinrock, about antiracist and antibias education in Jewish spaces and beyond.

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What gives Liz Kleinrock hope for the future? The students in her classroom. In the second episode of Our Jewish Futures, Liz joins The Jewish Education Project’s Dr. Samantha Vinokor-Meinrath for a fascinating conversation on antiracist and antibias education in Jewish spaces and beyond. They discuss her social media activism, the importance of education about Antisemitism, and her work as an anti-bias and anti-racist facilitator. 

About The Guest

Liz Kleinrock Headshot

Liz Kleinrock (she/her) is an anti-bias and anti-racist educator of both children and adults, and creates curriculum for K-12 students, specializing in designing inquiry based units of study. In addition to her work as a classroom teacher, Liz also works with schools and companies to facilitate learning for adults that supports antibias and antiracist practices. In 2018, Liz received the Teaching Tolerance Award for Excellence in Teaching, and in 2019 delivered her TED Talk, “How to teach kids to talk about taboo topics." In the spring of 2021, Liz released her first book, Start Here, Start Now: A Guide to Antibias and Antiracist Work in Your School Community with Heinemann Publishing, and is excited to announce the publication of four upcoming children's books with Harper Collins. She currently teaches and resides in Washington DC with her partner and two bunnies.


About The Host

Dr. Samantha Vinokor-Meinrath

Dr. Samantha Vinokor-Meinrath is a lifelong Jewish educator and learner. As an expert on Jewish teens, Generation Z, experiential education, Israel, and questions of Jewish identity, Samantha comes equipped with the right questions to help learners find the answers that resonate with them. She is on a lifelong mission to inspire conversations that move Jewish journeys forward and is passionate about connecting with learners and communities around the world.

Samantha currently serves as the Senior Director of Knowledge, Ideas, and Learning at the Jewish Education Project, teaches at Gratz College, and is constantly brainstorming about the Jewish past, present, and future. She is an alumna of the University of Pittsburgh (BA), the Jewish Theological Seminary (MA), Gratz College (EdD), and the Pardes Experiential Educators Program. Samantha lives in Westchester, NY with her husband and two beloved rescue dogs. She's the author of the forthcoming book #antisemitism: Coming of Age During the Resurgence of Hate, and is currently at work on her next book.  

This episode was hosted and produced by Dr. Samantha Vinokor Meinrath, The Jewish Education Project's Senior Director, Knowledge, Ideas and Learning.  This episode was engineered and edited by Nathan J. Vaughan of NJV Media.  If you enjoyed the show please leave us a 5-star rating on Apple Podcasts or even better, share it with a friend. Be sure to subscribe wherever you listen to podcasts and be the first to know when new episodes are released.



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