JustVision: Media Resources for Changing the Conversation


JustVision's educational resources include Discussion Guides for several of their films, a Graphic Novel of one of their films, a video library, three TED Talks, Community, Community Tools, and an Interview Archive. Trailers and clips of the films themselves are also available on the site for free, as well as educational licenses for purchase.

One of its films, My Neighbourhood, focuses on Sheikh Jarrah in the heart of East Jerusalem and is available on their site now. Additional resources include film clips, Press Notes (that will be useful for educators), Awards, and an FAQ.

From Just Vision's website:

Our overarching goal is to contribute to fostering peace and an end to the occupation by rendering Palestinian and Israeli grassroots leaders more visible, valued and influential in their efforts.

We drive attention to compelling local role models in unarmed movement-building and demonstrate to journalists, community leaders, public intellectuals and students – in the US, Israel, Palestine and beyond – what is possible when leaders at the grassroots choose to act. We tell their under-documented stories through award-winning films, digital media and targeted public education campaigns that undermine stereotypes, inspire commitment and galvanize action.



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