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Facilitator: Jackie Fisherman
Format: Virtual
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About this Network:

JRAN is a collaborative effort between the Federation and partner agencies. We work together to build an emergency response network that includes financial support, resource sharing, trainings, self-care, and timely information on credible threats to our community.  We will build a community playbook for disaster response, ensure there is a system that considers the unique needs of the Jewish community, and advocate for funds and projects that make our community safer and more resilient. JRAN will be an inclusive network recognizing that each organization brings a unique set of skills and resources to the table.


Additional Information:

The Federation works to create a “Network Effect” to build capacity in Jewish organizations, encompassing 1,000+ lay and professional leaders with representation from 80+ organizations. 

This includes collaborative networks the Federation is managing to create dialogue, share resources and best practices, training, and community data so that individual organizations can make decisions that are in the best interest of their constituents and help drive decision making when it is in the best interest of a group of key stakeholder organizations.


About the Facilitator:

Jackie Fisherman
Jackie Fisherman

Jackie is the Jewish Federation of Greater Houston’s Director of Public Affairs.

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To Be Decided by Group
Jackie Fisherman
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