The Jewish Education Project on the Road

Applications due: August 26, 2022 at 11:59 pm EDT
The Jewish Education Project

In-Person Workshops for NYC, LoNg Island, and Westchester Organizations

Are you looking for ways to jump-start the year with your educators? Not sure what to do for an opening faculty meeting? Love what you learned this past year in your own professional development, but aren’t sure how to bring it to your staff?

For the first time, The Jewish Education Project is ready to come to you for in-person workshops for you and your faculty this fall. We are offering a series of free workshops on select dates in the NY region (see descriptions below) that cover a wide range of topics from Hebrew to Thriving and more! Since we are offering a limited number of options as we bring this to the field, we ask organizations to partner together with others in your area so even more educators and teachers can take advantage of these opportunities.

To apply for a workshop at your organization, please fill out the form below. 

For more information, please contact Rabbi Jennifer Goldsmith, Managing Director, Leadership Initiatives at

Living Judaism Hebrew

Option #1: Deepening Hebrew Language Learning with Technology 

This workshop will explore how technology can enhance Hebrew learning both for decoding and comprehension.   Several online Hebrew learning and enrichment platforms will be introduced, and participants will have the opportunity to plan a model lesson to support their learning goals. 

Note: This workshop can be offered in Hebrew (schedule permitting).

Facilitators: Ella Metuki or Jonathan Fass 

Dates: Tuesday, October 25 or Thursday, October 27

Running Time:  90 Minutes

Generation Now Report

Option #2: Creating Learning that Leads to Thriving 

Bringing Gratitude to Life: This workshop will focus on gratitude as a model of Jewish Education that enhances skills for a more fulfilling life. During this fun, engaging workshop, educators will be able to draw on Jewish wisdom, ritual, and tradition to develop skills that enable them to have a heightened sense of gratitude in their lives. The first session will include an immersive activity with an opportunity to reflect on the experience, allowing educators to see our design process. Participants will be able to identify elements of the experience that contribute to Jewish learning that leads to thriving. The second session will include an opportunity for participants to explore how to create experiences that lead to thriving in their own settings.  

Facilitators: Rabbi Dena Klein or Rabbi Jennifer Goldsmith 

Dates: Tuesday, September 6 or Sunday, September 18

Running Time: 2 hrs 

Teens with Paint on Hands

Option #3: Bringing the Generation Now Outcomes to Life  

Through the Jewish Education Project’s research on teen engagement, we have found that Jewish teens today are seeking answers to 4 core questions:  

  • Who Am I?  
  • To Whom and What Am I Connected?  
  • To Whom and For What Am I Responsible in this World?  
  • How can I bring about change in this world?  

The Jewish Education Project developed an outcome framework around these four core questions, entitled the Generation Now Outcomes. This framework is designed to be a helpful tool for educators as they design and assess teen programs. You can view the outcome framework here.   

This workshop will feature an exploration of the Generation Now outcome framework and examine how you can use them to craft impactful teen experiences in your respective settings. This workshop is well suited for anyone who currently works with tweens and teens.   

Facilitator: Jodie Goldberg  

Dates: Thursday, September 15 or Wednesday, September 21 

Running Time: 2 Hours   

CBE inside classroom

Option #4: Creating a Socially and Emotionally Responsive Classroom 

The physical classroom environment shares our school's values with children and families. Yet, recently, it has been harder than ever to create an environment that is developmentally appropriate for young children and truly responsive to their needs. During our time together, we will explore principles of setting up a classroom, as well as strategies to incorporate social and emotional learning into rhythm of a school day and the physical space. You will leave this session with new tools and ideas about how to start the year in a way that can truly meet your students where they are.  

 Facilitator: Sasha Kopp 

Dates: Tuesday, September 6 (NYC region) 

Running Time: 90 minutes