Jewish American Heritage Month Resources For School Faculty


Jewish American Heritage Month is about celebrating the contributions of Jewish Americans to the wider story of American history and culture. This includes those who have made contributions in the arts, science, food, theater, politics, and many other areas of American life. While Judaism is a religion, it is also a people, and as a result Jews all over the world are bound together by a shared history and culture. 

Over the course of this month, we encourage schools to incorporate the stories and achievements of Jewish Americans into their teachings, in the same way they celebrate the cultural and historical months of other peoples who have helped shape the rich fabric of this country. In a time of rising antisemitism, research shows that helping Jews feel pride in their Judaism and exposing others to Jewish joy is one of the best ways to combat this hate. This month is not about Israel and Gaza, the war, the conflict, politics, or the Holocaust. Instead, it is a way for the larger community to learn about and celebrate the contributions of Jewish Americans and to teach pieces of the Jewish story that are often ignored. By providing these resources, we hope to make it easier for schools to have these conversations with their students and to help their Jewish students feel seen and supported.

These resources have been vetted and curated by Rabbi Melissa Buyer-Witman from Temple Israel of the City of New York, Rabbi Rebecca Rosenthal from Central Synagogue and Rabbi Rena Rifkin from Stephen Wise Free Synagogue. They are not only rabbis, but also educators who work with students of all ages. 



  • Congregational Learning
  • Teen Engagement