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We believe that at the heart of engaging and meaningful Israel Education, are educators who are deeply knowledgeable, specifically skilled, and nuanced in their approach. They must know how to create educational experiences that support independent critical thinking by the learner. To be reflective of the authenticity of Israel today, Israel education must embrace the positive aspects of Israel as well as its complexities, struggles, and conflicts. We, in turn, embrace the educational principle that complexity and struggle are often best encountered when they are built on a foundation of love and emotional attachment.

Israel Compass

To this end, we have designed our Israel Education Resources to reflect both this love and the struggle, this primacy and the existential questions it raises for us and for our learners. We invite you to read the full text of Our Approach, to take part in the unique Educator Opportunities we provide, and to explore several important Israel Education sites through our eyes.

Learn more about the resources we provide Israel educators on our Jewish Educator Portal.




Below are just a few of our many Israel Education resources:

All in the Family: family conversations about Israel.

All In The Family Image

A seven-part series of sessions that assist parents in having meaningful conversations with their older teens about Israel from Makom. 





Who Are Israelis, Really?

Who Are Israelis, Really?

What you may not know about the vibrant society that makes up Israel is that day-to-day life in Israel is so much more than the narrow keyhole view that much of the world understands! Israel is a democratic state in the Middle East made up of Jews and non-Jews from the four corners of the earth. Meet the culturally diverse faces of Israel in this video.



Teaching Israel to Young Children

Shalom Sesame: Grover Visits Jerusalem

There is no better time than the present for our youngest learners to build a life-long relationship with Israel. Engage with young children about their questions and understandings while learning about Israel's special history, land and culture.




Rabin Memorial Day with the National Library of Israel

Rabin Memorial Day with the National Library of Israel

Should Yom Rabin be a Fast Day?

This is one of the questions posed in this webinar 'Rabin Memorial Day: The Grand Conversation - How Arguing Can Help Us Stay Connected' which explores: 

  • The complexities of “Yom Rabin” in Israeli society
  • How to use NLI resources to facilitate discussion
  • Simple pedagogic tools that can enhance learning
  • How to maximize online group learning

Israel the Startup Nation

Israel the Startup Nation

Though just over 70 years old, Israel is known world-wide as the “Start-up Nation.” How did Israel become a world leader in this arena, just years after facing economic crisis? 

The video comes with a 5-part educational guide (includes REVIEW, DISCUSSION, ACTIVITIES, REFLECTION, FURTHER LEARNING) that can be viewed online and/or downloaded as a PDF, along with a Kahoot game.