High School Kulam Curriculum: Risk Taking & Courage


By the end of the session, teens will be able to:

    Explore the messages that teenagers receive about risks and courage from media, society, and Judaism, including messages about gender norms and risk/courage.

    Reflect on their personal relationship with risks.

    Reflect on their personal “fallback setting” and how to check in with themselves in a new or stressful social situation in order to make thoughtful, healthy, and safe decisions.

This resource is a sample session from Moving Traditions' Kulam program for teens. Kulam is a plug-and-play Hebrew High School curriculum that promotes shleimut (individual wellbeing), hesed (connection), and tzedek (just action) for Jewish high school students. 

Kulam (meaning “Everyone,”) is a program that offers a series of approximately 1-hour, experiential, curricular sessions designed for Jewish educators to use in a regular Hebrew High setting. Each hour features dialogue prompts, games, Jewish texts, and other activities that focus on a specific area of social-emotional learning that resonates with teens and helps them learn to relate to and communicate with one another. 

Our Kulam program equips Jewish teens to engage in dynamic and authentic relationships in order to think reflectively, act courageously, and develop healthy and caring communities.

To bring more programs like this to your community, visit https://www.movingtraditions.org/take-action/become-a-partner.



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