HaLamed Heh: The 35 Soldiers Who Never Returned Home


This episode tells a little-known story of Jewish heroism and grit during Israel’s War of Independence. 

The video comes with a 5-part educational guide (includes REVIEW, DISCUSSION, ACTIVITIES, REFLECTION, FURTHER LEARNING) that can be viewed online and/or downloaded as a PDF, along with a Kahoot game. 

This is part of a series titled History of Israel Explained.

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Under cover of night, 35 young Jewish men set out to deliver supplies to the people in the cut-off Etzion Bloc, south of Jerusalem. Tragically, they were discovered en route and massacred by local Arab villagers. This video tells the dramatic, tragic, and ultimately uplifting story of the “Lamed Heh,” the convoy of 35.

Use this video and prompts to teach students a new story or deepen their understanding of this shocking event.



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