Edtech Roundtables: Exploring Platforms that Enhance Learning

Facilitator: Jonathan Fass
Format: Virtual

About this Network:

Network meetings will focus on online platforms that can engage your learners and support greater understanding.

Additional Information:

In-person learning has returned but an expanded use of educational technology is here to stay.  Each meeting of this network will focus on online platforms that can engage your learners and support greater understanding. Participants will have the opportunity to learn from each other, share activities and best practices, and explore teaching core subjects in new ways.   

This network is open to all educators.  Network participants should have a comfort teaching online but do not need to be technology focused in their work.  Our meetings will be virtual.


About the Facilitator:

Jonathan Fass
Jonathan Fass

Jonathan Fass serves as the Managing Director of Educational Technology and Strategy for The Jewish Education Project.  He has previously held leadership positions in Jewish education in the Jewish Community Centers and Jewish Family Service movements.  He has been working at the intersection of education and technology for over a decade.  In his current role at The Jewish Education Project, Jonathan oversees the development of The Jewish Educator Portal and supports the agency in its evolving work in the field of digital learning and engagement.

“One unique feature about this network is…” It is a learning-lab, an opportunity for participants to experiment with new technology and new approaches to teaching timeless subjects. 

Thursdays, 2:00 PM ET
November 10, January 12, March 16, and May 18
Jonathan Fass
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Director / Principal / Head of School
Independent Educator
Youth Professional / Teen Engagement
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After School and Beyond
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Day Schools and Yeshivas