Connecting the Israeli Elections: Activities and Lessons

We've carefully selected ready-made activities and lessons about the upcoming Israeli elections for you to implement with your students to help them form opinions and deepen their understanding. Consider a mock election and view and discuss videos of party's campaigns to gain insight into their perspectives. 

4HQ Elections Slogans Game

  • A prepared activity for teens and older to gain insight into various political parties' perspectives through the lens of Makom's 4 Hatikvah Questions, or 4HQ; People, Freedom, Security, Land.

Modern Hebrew Election Edition

  • A list of commonly used words during an election cycle, including the shoresh (root), Hebrew, English and transliteration. Available as a list or set of colorful posters which can be downloaded to print or shared on a screen.

Mad Libs Election Edition

  • "The well known "Mad Lib" which creates humorous stories offers a focus on the Israeli elections.

    The story sheet also has filled-in companion to ensure that everyone gets the ""real story"" in addition to their own creative version.  A question prompt is shared at the conclusion which can be used as a jumping off point for conversation."

Bring the Israeli Campaign to Your Classroom (by Sarah Gordon)

  • A mock election model lesson / program, helping students explore the major issues in this election, the different parties and their platforms, and how they would make informed decisions about Israeli leaders.

A Breakdown of Israeli Campaign Ads

  • A look at what each party’s campaign ad says about the Israeli political scene and public discourse in 2020. Video clips are prepared to share along with discussion questions and classroom tips to unpack them. The clips are in Hebrew and an English summary is provided.

Israel Election Kahoot

  • Through this interactive online game, everyone can have fun and learn about some of these differences, as well as gain historical context.




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