Children's Development of Difference

April 15, 2021 at 12:30 pm - 2:00 pm EDT
Online Web Meeting

Explore benchmarks of children’s development from infancy to young adulthood and their applications to your respective settings.

In today’s society, children of all ages receive daily messages about their social identities throughout their day. Affirming messages, aid in the development of a healthy sense of self. However, negative messages about children’s identity are also absorbed through explicit and implicit means. How, then, can educators and parents help preschool, elementary children, preteens, and teens identify messages that are affirming, and explore ways to embed the theory and practice of development of difference in their settings?

Using a developmental lens, workshop participants will engage in dialogue about particular benchmarks of children’s development of difference from infancy to young adulthood and discuss the applications within their respective settings.

Dates: Thursday, April 15, 2021

Time: 12:30 PM - 2:00 PM ET

Who: Educators working with early childhood through teens

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Featured Presenter:

Dr. Sandra Chapman headshot

Dr. Sandra Chapman  | Sandra (Chap) Chapman, Ed. D. is the Founder of Chap Equity, an organization rooted in the belief that, through teamwork, we can learn more about ourselves and others; discuss and discover the foundational research needed to address the needs in a community; create conversations that support individuals where they are and confront barrier issues; and create actionable steps towards building stronger educational communities. In addition, Dr. Chap is the Deputy Director of Programs and Curriculum at the Perception Institute, where she identifies opportunities to translate the mind sciences and other essential concepts into interactive trainings that build the capacity for clients to transform their organizations. Chap facilitates workshops on racial identity development, racial microaggressions, implicit bias, and racial anxiety in education, healthcare, and within organizations. Embedded within each concept are tools for helping individuals override unconscious phenomena linked to identity and better connect behavior with values. Dr. Chap currently serves as the Lead on Identity for the Great First Eight Infant and Toddler curriculum development project, led by Dr. Nell K. Duke at the University of Michigan. Great First Eight is a full day, project-based curriculum designed to integrate all disciplines, prioritizing science and social studies to an unprecedented degree for the infant through primary grades, and to support educators in enacting culturally relevant pedagogy. 



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