A Census of Jewish Supplementary Schools

April 24, 2023

Watch a recording of the webinar below

After two years of research, The Jewish Education Project is releasing a comprehensive report, From Census to Possibilities, on the current state of supplementary schools, the first of its kind since 2008. The report reveals new census data showing significant changes in the sector and presents deep insights and opportunities to move the field on an exciting path forward.  

Join Amanda Winer, Director of Research and Evaluation, as she narrates the headlines from A Census of Supplementary Schools. This webinar is meant to give a holistic view of the research process and lower the barrier of seemingly complicated tables, charts, and models.  

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Amanda Winer
Amanda Winer

Amanda Winer is the Director of Research and Evaluation at The Jewish Education Project and RootOne, LLC. She is a social psychologist and applied statistician; her research interests are in individuals' sense of self and navigating behavior-based communities. Her dissertation, "Why am I not More Comfortable?" details the complicated impacts of identity-based education among Jewish millennials' professional and personal choices, and she has led research projects at New York University, George Washington University, and consulted to dozens of educational institutions. Amanda's other passion is teaching and she spent the five years prior to this role at The Jewish Education Project/RootOne teaching courses at NYU that demystify research by abating statistical coding and mathematical-related anxieties.  



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