Brave Classrooms: Confronting Bigotry and Hatred Online Course


This online mini-course is part of our Brave Classrooms Mini-Course series, designed to give educators the tools and support to help them discuss contemporary antisemitism in their middle and high school classroom settings. During this course we will take a closer look at specific contemporary manifestations of antisemitism and the impact it has on our students, our communities, and Democracy today. 

Like other forms of race-based hatred, antisemitism is, in part, an ideology that can be weaponized to a variety of ends. It persists across the political spectrum, national borders, age, education levels, and other demographic markers. As Phyllis Goldstein wrote in A Convenient Hatred, "Like other hatred, antisemitism is almost always a current event—one that is triggered by the fears and anxieties of the moment."

Educators will learn to lead classroom discussions on the importance of recognizing and addressing the current forms of this “convenient” hatred. Among the topics we will explore together: the online presence of antisemitism; how antisemitism manifests across geopolitical discourse; the overlaps between anti-Zionism/anti-Israel sentiments and antisemitism; Holocaust distortion and misappropriation; and student experiences with antisemitism.

Key Mini-Course Questions

  1. How am I impacted by the presence of antisemitism?
  2. What does antisemitism look like now?
  3. Where is antisemitism showing up?
  4. What are the individual and collective impacts of antisemitism?
  5. What are practical classroom applications that address contemporary antisemitism?
  6. How can we help our students respond to antisemitism when they encounter it?



  • After School and Beyond
  • Educator Training
  • Camp
  • Congregational Learning
  • Day Schools and Yeshivas