As we explore Arts-based Jewish Education, we invite you to join us in pondering a number of questions:

  1. How can we deepen our students' exposure to the arts and how can we do so in a rich and meaningful way?

  2. What is the connection between neuroscience and the arts and how might that influence how we incorporate the arts into our programs or argue for them in our budgets?

  3. How does an Arts-based Jewish educational model differ from wonderful but episodic Arts-based experiences?

Arts-based Jewish Education Animation

Neuroscience and the arts through the lens of the irrepressible Rabbi Geoff Mitelman of Sinai and Synapses.

Arts-based Jewish Education Animation

Elizabeth Yarri is both an artist and a creative educator. Watch as she reflects and leads students through a creative process infused with Jewish content.

Arts-based Jewish Education Animation

Little Avant Gardes is a magical program and model that, while focused on Russian-speaking families in this setting, can be adapted in any community.