Apartheid Wall or Security Fence?


The separation barrier that divides the West Bank from western Israel, often referred to as the Apartheid Wall, is the source of much debate in both Israeli and Palestinian societies. For some, it serves to protect Israeli citizens. For others, it enforces an unequal system of oppression of Palestinians. And while for many it is simply a visual reminder of the continued failure of the peace process, Israel remains a land of hope.

Note: This video was created before the horrific attack by Hamas on the people of southern Israel and the outbreak of the October 2023 war.

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Big Ideas
  1. The security wall's construction had diverse and significant effects on the daily lives and perspectives of Israelis and Palestinians.
  2. The "land for peace" concept is central to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, with complex arguments and historical influences.
  3. Exploring empathy is essential when discussing the security wall and the broader conflict, fostering a deeper understanding of different perspectives.

Essential Questions

  1. How does the existence of the security wall impact the lives of both Israelis and Palestinians?
  2. How have historical events shaped the arguments people make for and against "land for peace" when dealing with the Israeli-Palestinian conflict?
  3. How can empathy play a role in discussing the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, particularly concerning the construction of the security wall in the West Bank?



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