Adapting Podcast: Where Jewish Education Meets Feminism


Gender, feminism, and power are all salient features of adolescent development today. Jewish youth is certainly no exception, and Jewish education must tackle some of these challenging issues today if it is to be relevant and meaningful for today’s learners. This week's Adapting guest, Shuli Karkowsky, is incorporating these themes into Jewish education through her own work as CEO of Moving Traditions, an organization that merges Jewish learning with social and emotional learning to serve the needs of teens today. Listen on Spotify or Apple Podcasts!

Shuli Karkowsky Headshot

Don't miss Shuli's profound discussion with David Bryfman about insights from her non-traditional career path, the Jewish value of hakarat hatov, or expressing gratitude, and why teens engaged in their Jewish community are happier teens.



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  • Teen Engagement