Adapting Podcast: What it Takes to be an Adaptive Leader


When the world went into lockdown in 2020, there was a lot of uncertainty, but there was also a great deal of innovation and adaptability, especially in education.

This week's episode of Adapting is a re-release on this very topic, with a fresh and reflective introduction by David Bryfman. On May 13, 2020, just six weeks into the pandemic, David Bryfman kicked off the first episode of Adapting with Maya Bernstein about adaptive leadership in the thick of such a tumultuous time. Their discussion so early on during the pandemic is eerily relevant today, as they unpack the characteristics of adaptive leadership - grief management, perspective, pivoting, to name a few - and what has changed and what has stayed the same in Jewish education since then. Listen on Apple and Spotify

Maya Bernstein Headshot

This re-cast highlights the amazing work and necessary skills of adaptive Jewish educators, reminding us of how far we've come the last few years, and what we need to do to get closer to achieving an ideal future for Jewish education.

This episode was produced by Dina Nusnbaum and Miranda Lapides.

The show’s executive producers are David Bryfman, Karen Cummins, and Nessa Liben. This episode was engineered and edited by Nathan J. Vaughan of NJV Media.

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