Adapting Podcast: K.M. DiColandrea on Humans of New York and Teacher Impact

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K.M. DiColandrea discusses being featured on the Humans of New York, his passion for Speech and Debate, and his incredible journey. 

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Jonathan Conyers and K.M. DiColandrea
Jonathan Conyers, left, and K.M. DiColandrea. Photo courtesy of Humans of New York.


K.M. (DiCo) DiColandrea


In a single moment, an educator can dramatically change a person’s life, even if they didn’t know it. It’s a lesson K.M. DiColandrea, aka DiCo, a 2021 Robert M. Sherman Young Pioneers Award recipient and director and founder of the Brooklyn Debate League, learned in the most unexpected way. DiCo shares his journey, and struggles, to follow his life’s calling – empowering under-privileged students through skillful debate, to amplify their voices and replace self-doubt with self-confidence. DiCo’s life, and mission, was catapulted into the stratosphere after a grateful student got him featured on the Humans of New York Facebook account, raising over $1.3 million to help close the wide gap in Speech and Debate programs across New York City. Hear about his incredible journey, and which biblical story best reflects his own.



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