Adapting Podcast: Jewish Educators on the Frontlines in the War of Ideas


Right now, alongside the war in Israel, there is a battle occurring in America, one that plays out in academic settings through ideas that use Israel as a weapon for antisemitism. Listen on Apple Podcasts or Spotify.


Rachel FIsh

Joining us in this provocative and timely episode is Dr. Rachel Fish, esteemed scholar and self-proclaimed warrior on the Middle East and Israel. David Bryfman and Dr. Fish discuss the wake-up call of how the war is affecting Jewish life in America, the impact of decades of festering antisemitism on university campuses and in many high schools, and how it’s imperative to include Israel in all forms of Jewish education.

At the heart of this conversation is the importance of balancing facts and knowledge with empathy and humanity, and how for educators these don’t have to be mutually exclusive. In fact, this integration of both enhances the role of the educator.



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