Adapting: Creating A+ Human Beings - The Real Purpose of Jewish Education?

May 5, 2021

Explore how to create A+ human beings with Dr. Bruce Powell, Dr. Erica Rothblum, Dr. Ron Wolfson, and The Jewish Education Project's Dr. David Bryfman.


What is the true purpose of Jewish education? The Jewish Education Project's CEO Dr. David Bryfman and Dr. Bruce Powell, Dr. Erica Rothblum, and Dr. Ron Wolfson  explore how to create A+ human beings. They discuss why Jewish education is best suited for this audacious responsibility, and what parents and grandparents need to know to support their children in becoming the best versions of themselves.   

 Check out The Forward's recent article about Dr. Powell's and Dr. Wolfson's new book, Raising A+ Human Beings.    

Meet The Guests

Dr. Bruce Powell

Dr. Bruce Powell has helped to found and lead three Jewish high schools in Los Angeles and has consulted on the founding of 23 more across North America during his 50-year career in Jewish education. He is Head Emeritus of de Toledo High School and is a Distinguished Lecturer in Jewish Education at American Jewish University. 





Dr. Erica Rothblum

Dr. Erica Rothblum has served as the Head of School at Pressman Academy since July 2014. She began her career with Teach for America in Compton, California and taught at both public district schools and charter schools, as well as in the university setting. Dr. Rothblum holds a BA from Barnard College, a Masters in Teaching from Loyola Marymount University,  an Ed.D. in Educational Leadership from UCLA and is a Wexner Field Fellow. 





Dr. Ron Wolfson

Dr. Ron Wolfson is the Fingerhut Professor of Education at American Jewish University in
Los Angeles and President of the Kripke Institute. He is the author of 17 books and a popular consultant and lecturer on building relational cultures Jewish day schools, synagogues and their schools, community centers, and camps around the world.