Tu B’Shvat: Spotlight on the Olive Tree

With its deep roots, steadfastness, gnarled and hollow trunk, and multipurpose fruit and oil, it serves as a symbol of survival, oneness with the land, and peace. Let's take a closer look at the multi-dimensional olive tree!

This page of Tu BiShvat resources from the iCenter provides educators with several different modes of learning through the lens of olive trees. Emblems and symbols, sculptures, and visual arts are a few of the ways learners will consider olive trees and their relevance to the holiday of Tu BiShvat. There is also a lesson plan on trees, suggested activities, and a collection of Tu BiShvat videos for young learners.

This resource page includes the following:

  • Different uses and perspectives on olive trees and their relevance to Tu BiShvat
  • Discussion questions
  • A lesson plan on trees
  • A collection of videos from Shalom Sesame
  • Links to additional resources



  • Early Childhood
  • Day Schools and Yeshivas