Ji Bytes: Chanukah

Ji Bytes: ChanukahJi Bytes has created 8 self-directed learning journeys to provide a well-rounded and immersive experience of Chanukah for children ages 5-10.  Each "Ji Byte" offers videos, games, crafts, and creative projects to learn, discover and create, deepening the exploration of the 8 Ji Bytes Chanukah topics:

1. "It's a Miracle"

2. "The Real Story of Chanukah"

3. "Celebrating Chanukah Around the World"

4. "Chanukah Sing-A-Long"

5. "Top Chef: Chanukah"

6. "Light Up the Candle Lights"

7. "Chanukah Heroes"

8. "Chanukah Fun"

Ji Bytes activities need little to no educator or parent involvement.  Help with supplies or execution of the "craft" section might be needed, as well as assistance in signing up for a free Ji Tap account to take part in the "create" section of each Ji Byte. Enjoy this engaging resource for Jewish learning.

Ji Bytes was created to help Jewish educators and families have a curated resource for Jewish online education.  Each byte takes the learner on a journey of "Watch, Games, Discover, Create, and Craft". 

  • "Watch" is composed of 1-3 videos that introduce the topic of that byte.
  • "Games" allows the learner to play mini Ji Tap games embedded in the Ji Bytes site for streamlined interaction.
  • "Discover" is composed of informational websites and videos that take the learner to the source website to learn more deeply about each Ji Bytes topic.
  • "Create" gives the learner an opportunity to use the knowledge that they have learned and create a digital project.  Each "Create" has detailed instruction and a "how-to" video or Ji Tap game to explain the project and how to use the digital tool.
  • "Craft" is a hands on activity that can include art, dance, cooking, baking, or photography.  Ji Bytes can be assigned as-is or be blended with established curriculum.  Each section or curated recourse can also be used independently.  Enjoy using Ji Bytes: Chanukah!



  • After School and Beyond
  • Congregational Learning
  • Day Schools and Yeshivas
  • Family Engagement
  • Early Childhood