Find everything you need to lead engaging, nuanced and meaningful Israel Education in your setting. These resources are best for grades K-2, and span varied topics, so learners can connect to Israel in ways that are meaningful to them.

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The State, History and Geography

Upcycled Fabric Israeli Flag

Create a beautiful and meaningful Israeli flag in the classroom with a communal upcycling project.

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PJ Library Read Watch Do

Explanations, books, videos, and activities for younger children.

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Jerusalem landscape

A gallery of Israeli landscapes to be used as decoration, inspiration or a jumping-off point.

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Illustrated child with and Israeli flag and map in the background

An online game to get to know different places in Israel.

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Illustrated children with Israeli flags

A game in Hebrew to explore places in Israel and simple vocabulary.

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Culture, Food and Music

Bring the magic of the shuk to our youngest learners!

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Explore this collection of classic and modern children’s literature, along with ideas for bringing them into your classrooms!

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Music is an engaging and natural way to bring the sounds of Israel to our youngest learners.

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Israeli Birthday Party Games: Sibah L’mesibah

Everybody loves a birthday party! Celebrate with these classic Israeli birthday activities.

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Heroes and Leaders

Wonder Women of Israel Image

In this seven-unit series, the wonder women represent the most fundamental aspects of what makes a hero. Ages 5-8.

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Illustrated children in capes

Meet the Israeli super-hero squad! Complete with leaders, poets, innovators and more!

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