Find everything you need to lead engaging, nuanced and meaningful Israel Education in your setting. These resources are best for up to age 4, and span varied topics, so learners can connect to Israel in ways that are meaningful to them and appropriate for their developmental age and stage. 

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Culture, Food and Music

Music is an engaging and natural way to bring the sounds of Israel to our youngest learners.

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Explore this collection children’s literature with ideas for bringing them into your classrooms!

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The State, History and Geography

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Clips about sites and places in Israel and the diversity of communities. A few examples from the playlist are: Daliyat El-Carmel and the Druze Village | Haifa and the Bahai Temple

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Shalom Sesame Image

Video clips as “provocations” is an educational approach that uses short videos to engage young children in discussions and activities that are simply prompted or introduced by the video.

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Shalom Sesame: Grover Visits Jerusalem

Videos and activities to teach early childhood learners about Israel.

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Consider how to apply Constructivist Education methods to learning about Israel.

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Table with wooden letters and playdoh.

A Pinterest board filled with ideas and provocations to use in your classroom!

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Jerusalem landscape

A gallery of Israeli landscapes to be used as decoration, inspiration or a jumping-off point.

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Illustrated children in capes

Meet the Israeli super-hero squad! Complete with leaders, poets, innovators and more!

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Illustrated children with Israeli flags

A game in Hebrew to explore places in Israel and simple vocabulary.

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Two illustrated children on a hike

Games, a podcast and more for celebrating Israel's 75th birthday with kids.

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