Find everything you need to lead engaging, nuanced and meaningful Israel Education in your setting. These resources are best for grades 3-5, and span varied topics, so learners can connect to Israel in ways that are meaningful to them.

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The State, History and Geography

In this four-unit series, students will get to know special places within Israel and explore them with a child guide. Ages 5-11. An account is required but Basic Accounts are free.

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68 Facts Image

An entertaining video sharing all sorts of facts about Israel.

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Educational Activities to Learn-A-Brate Israel

Learn and Celebrate Israel at the same time - Learn-A-Brate!

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Amazing Israel Race

Amazing Israel Race is a fun competition activity that will take you on a journey across Israel!

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Topics include Geography, Tanakh, history, politics, and culture. These are all “low-tech,” and require no special equipment, except for a printer, paper, and scissors. Suggestions for integrating technology as well as strategies for extending the learning are accompanied with each game, along with suggested ages.

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Stacks of books at a library

Bring the treasures of Israel directly to your classroom!

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Language and Art

Ready to use Hebrew slang like an Israeli? Yalla!

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Art educator Dr. Susan Nashman Fraiman has curated a selection of Zionist and Israeli works of art from the past 125 years.

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Jewish Ethnic Mix Image

Just because Israel is a Jewish country doesn't mean all its Jews are the same. An overview of Israel's Jewish ethnic/cultural diversity.

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Hamsa Aleinu: Inspirational Stories of Everyday Israelis

Connect with the exceptional real-life stories of Israelis from all backgrounds.

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Kotel - Jerusalem

A video that shares the many voices that make up the diversity of Jerusalem.

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