Israel Pursuit - A Winning Way to Celebrate Israel's Independence Day

Israel Pursuit connects your students with others from around the world, educates them about Israel’s history and culture and actively engages them in a competition for exciting prizes.

The games cover Israel’s history, culture and current events.

Regional winners compete in a live, online, celebrity-studded final tournament for epic prizes.

Remote video URL

Now through May 5th
Enjoy, engage and inspire students with six videos in the classroom

April 25th
Receive link to regional Kahoot! game

April 25th – May 5th
Play the Israel Pursuit regional game anytime before May 5th. Players are scored based on correct answers and the amount of time taken to complete the game. Students will compete against other students within their geographical region.

May 9th
Announcement of the regional winners.
If one of your students is a winner, you will receive additional content to prepare him or her for the final live tournament.

May 9th-16th
The 6 regional winners will prepare for the live final event based on the additional videos provided.

May 17th – Celebrity-Studded Live Tournament Event
All participants in the game are invited to watch and cheer for their favorite player or region. Join hundreds of schools around the world to celebrate Israel.

  • 12pm Pacific
  • 3pm Eastern
  • 8pm GMT
  • 10pm Israel
  • 7am Melbourne/Sydney (May 18)



  • Congregational Learning
  • After School and Beyond
  • Day Schools and Yeshivas
  • Teen Engagement
  • Camp