Facilitating Safe, Authentic, and Meaningful Conversations with Teens

January 31, 2023 at 2:00 pm - 3:00 pm EST

Teens long for meaningful community and authentic conversations, but too often honest conversations are impossible because they are scared that their opinions may not be welcomed. The Jewish concept of “arguing for the sake of heaven” can provide a structure for facilitating safe and honest discussions. In this workshop we will:


  • Learn about the concept of “argument for the sake of heaven” and discuss how to apply it to contemporary issues

  • Workshop creating a safe space around discussing the issue of “black lives matter”/”all lives matter” in a politically diverse group

  • Discuss the difficult conversations we would like to facilitate, and discuss how we might structure them using mahloket leshem shamayim as a model


Rabbi Dr. David Siff
Rabbi Dr. David Siff

Rabbi David Siff PhD lives in Florida, and directs Kol HaLev & the Jewish Virtual Yeshiva, offering curricula to synagogues across the country. He is currently piloting "Torah and Today," a text-based curriculum which facilitates authentic conversations around significant contemporary topics.