Collection: The "How We Talk About" Podcasts

Curated Series
The Jewish Education Project

How We Talk About is a professional development podcast series for educators who are teaching "Jewish things in Jewish schools.” Each twenty-minute podcast explores a different topic with a guest presenter. Topics include prayer, science, art, race, and gender. It is hosted by Jen Stern Granowitz and Erin Beser, Jewish educators from New York City.

These podcasts are supported by Park Avenue Synagogue.

Jewish Star in Tree

How We Talk About Judaism

Our pilot episode will explore how we talk about Judaism, unpacking expressions such as "Judaism says that . . .".

Interior of Synagogue

How We Talk About Prayer

In this episode of How We Talk About, we speak about the challenges of praying and learning how to pray.

Wheelchair sign

How We Talk About Ability

Listen for concrete suggestions and language for talking about learning differences in the classroom and in the world around us.

Jewish gravestones

How We Talk About Death & Dying

In this episode, Rabbi Melanie Levav discusses the Jewish views on death and dying.


How We Talk About Science

In this episode, Rabbi Mitelman shares advice on how to talk with your learners about the Torah, G-d, Science, and History.


How We Talk About Art

In this episode, we speak to artist Sarah Damelin about the importance of integrating art in Jewish education.

Parachute kids

How We Talk About Children

In this episode, we speak about using respectful language and empowering children to take leadership roles.

Racial Equality

How We Talk About Race

Let's consider how to talk about race in Jewish learning spaces.

LGBTQ Inclusion

How We Talk About Gender

In this episode, Dubbs Weinblatt shares thoughts on LGBTQ+ inclusion in Jewish learning spaces.