About Us


The Jewish Educator Portal is a central source for you, the Jewish educators who work with children and families from birth through high school graduation to explore and share quality educational resources. We’ve curated The Jewish Educator Portal to offer timely and relevant curricular links, podcasts, articles, themed collections and an ever-growing set of professional development and network opportunities.

All educators, whether in day schools, congregational schools, JCCs, or summer camps, need a high quality “central clearing house” of resources they can turn to with confidence (relying simply on Google searches lacks effectiveness and efficiency). We often remind ourselves, educators, and education leaders, that technology is not the end. Rather, technology is a means to achieving the educational outcomes and objectives we all desire. So, this portal is not designed to encourage Jewish educators to purchase more iPads or software. It is designed instead to help them navigate the vast world of online resources and to effectively select the resources that will help them reach their goals.

The Jewish Educator Portal is a project of The Jewish Education Project, which inspires and empowers educators to create transformative Jewish experiences. The Portal is made possible with the support of the Jim Joseph Foundation and Maimonides Fund through the Jewish Community Response and Impact Fund (JCRIF), and The GS Humane Corp.

This portal is supported with content from and endorsement by many partners in the field. Learn more about our Resources Partners.